Make your residence Smart in seconds

Make your home residence smart with our SaaS solution in just a few hours. We have experience of making smart as individual residences as large industrial facilities and warehousing complexes.

What's inside the package

Full analysis

Our automated system will create a comprehensive offer for your place and present it to you. Our proprietary algorithms have proven their efficiency on several markets.

Detailed instructions

A full set of descriptions and manuals for installation of devices and automators in your premises. You don't need to have special skills for this.

Easy To Customize

If you need some customizations or adjustments to the presented plan - no problem, it can be easily done and added to the initial automation plan.

A set of automation devices

We will provide you with the full set of automation devices from our partners that will allow you to implement a full automation on selected premises.

App Development

You can download an app to manage the premises and create automated scenarios and enforce multiple energy consumptions profiles based on time or outside weather criteria.

User Friendly interface

We've been testing the friendliness of interface on several groups of non-tech related people and we've achieved a staggering approval and satisfaction rates regarding the UI.

Detailed Statistics

AI managed operations

The most staggering result we've achieved by our client by automating of the small district which involved

  • - Automated management of heating and cooling systems
  • - Management of the electrical appliances
  • - Smart scenarios for air ventilation systems
  • - Movement and alarm sensors
  • - Provision of every resident with a smart-home software with multiple automated scenarios
  • - Automation of water supply systems

The automations done by our SaaS solution has decreased the operating costs for our client a whooping 43%. Which is increasing to 47% with the latest price hikes.

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Awesome Features

Realtime access

You can monitor the consumption and situation on your premises in realtime.

Full Automation

AI will take care of the most optimal scenarios for your premises based on the previous usage patterns.

Cross-platform design

You can have access to management console from any type of device.

Modern Home

Increase the value of your premises by decreasing the operational costs with our technology.

AI solution

The AI is learning in real-time from scenarios and usage patterns used in all connected premises.

24/7 access

You have access at any time to the management console to make changes to any scenario.


$19 /mo


  • 1 user
  • 10 scenarios
  • 24/7 access
  • Lifetime updates

$39 /mo


  • 10 users
  • 30 scenarios
  • AI access
  • Lifetime updates

$99 /mo


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited scenarios
  • AI access
  • 24/7 support

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